BCT operates a National Bat Helpline to provide almost 15 000 enquirers a year with easily accessible and accurate information, including getting injured bats to the care they need. The Helpline’s role in advising and supporting people who come into contact with bats is an important part of BCT’s work towards our vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together.

What have people said about the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

What have people said about the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

“It’s a great feeling to play a part in helping a lost or injured bat, and to improve people's awareness of these often-misunderstood animals. I would recommend volunteering on [the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline] to anyone who is considering it.” – volunteer, 2020

“Being able to positively contribute to bat conservation remotely has been amazing. A wonderful chance to help the natural world without leaving home.” – volunteer, 2021

“Sometimes very busy, but a hugely rewarding experience helping to get injured bats rehabilitated and back out into the wild.” – volunteer, 2021

Previous seasons on the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

The Volunteer Bat Care Helpline has been running as an Out of Hours (OOH) helpline since 2004. In 2021, we introduced and in-office hours element of the volunteer helpline, and the VBCH was launched.

The 2021 VBCH summer season began on the 17th May and ran until the 12th of September. Volunteers took a huge 4,454 calls and donated a total of 2,823 hours to bat conservation! The VBCH continues to run during winter 2021.

A thank you infographic created to thank our amazing volunteers from the summer season, and show their highlights can be found in the downloadable document below:

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