BCT operates a National Bat Helpline to provide almost 15,000 enquirers a year with easily accessible and accurate information, including getting injured bats to the care they need. The Helpline’s role in advising and supporting people who come into contact with bats is an important part of BCT’s work towards our vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together.

We're now recruiting for volunteers to help run the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline (VBCH) in 2024. Please see our recruitment page for details on what's involved and how to sign up. Deadline: Midnight, Monday 1st April 2024.

About the Role

About the Role

Volunteers on the VBCH, answer calls from members of the public who have found grounded, injured or lost bats. They provide advice on a range of situations and put bat finders in touch with local bat care volunteers where possible.

Requirements for the role are:

  • A computer with internet access
  • A speaker/mic or headset to use with your computer, as phone calls will be received using an internet app on your machine
  • A phone with reliable reception for contacting support staff where needed

Volunteers do not need to have prior experience in conservation as full training and support is provided. Anyone who is interested in helping bats is welcome to join the team! Volunteering for the Helpline is a great way to get involved in conservation from the comfort of your home, and we consistently receive feedback from volunteers that it is a very rewarding experience.

What have people said about the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

What have people said about the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

"It's so rewarding to know you made the difference in a bat's life! People really seem to care about bats, and would call the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline to ask how best to help them. I'm glad I could lend a hand." - volunteer, 2024

"It's been interesting to volunteer for the BCT [Volunteer Bat Care Helpline], especially during the summer season, calls are plenty with finders calling about baby bats and then a rewarding feeling when I can connect to a bat carer to support the vulnerable bat in its early life. Helping the bat population is vital work for this mammal species" - volunteer, 2024

“Much looking forward to year three now. Participation has expanded my personal knowledge of bat biology and behaviour. I have had the pleasure of speaking to numerous people who, with no prior knowledge or experience of bats, have still felt that essential human drive to rescue and nurture another life in trouble. Even people with fear and apprehension of bats have overcome these hurdles to do the right thing. Sign up, commit absolutely and play your part in this vital service.” – volunteer, 2021

“Being able to positively contribute to bat conservation remotely has been amazing. A wonderful chance to help the natural work without leaving home.” – volunteer, 2021

“A wonderful way to help conservation and bats from the comfort of your own home. I spoke to the most wonderful and caring people across the UK doing their best to save a bat - a great experience.” – volunteer, 2021

Sometimes very busy, but a hugely rewarding experience helping to get injured bats rehabilitated and back out into the wild.” – volunteer, 2021

“I have improved my diplomacy skills when dealing with members of the public, which helped me secure a public facing role with the RSPB. I have enjoyed hearing the joy in peoples voices when they know the little bat they want to help will be cared for. I have also had to deal with terrified callers, but with calm persuasion nearly all can be coaxed into bat care.... it has been fun, emotional, and sometimes exhausting but worth every second. I am now known amongst my friends as 'Bat Woman' and I am proud to be called it.” – volunteer, 2021

“It’s a great feeling to play a part in helping a lost or injured bat, and to improve people's awareness of these often-misunderstood animals. I would recommend volunteering on [the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline] to anyone who is considering it.” – volunteer, 2020

“I really enjoyed my time volunteering for BCT [Volunteer Bat Care Helpline]. It was very rewarding, and I always felt happy afterwards, as speaking to so many caring people on the phone was really uplifting.” – volunteer, 2020

“I really felt I made a difference to the outcome of poorly/injured/baby bats at the end of every session. This is a hugely rewarding feeling!” – volunteer, 2020

Previous seasons on the Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

Volunteer Bat Care Helpline
Volunteer Bat Care Helpline

The Volunteer Bat Care Helpline has been running as an Out of Hours (OOH) helpline since 2004. In 2021, we introduced and in-office hours element of the volunteer helpline, and the VBCH was launched.

The 2022/2023 VBCH winter season began on 9th September and ran until 12th May. The summer season began on the 15th May and ran until the 17th of September. Volunteers took a huge 6,259 calls and donated a total of 6,680 hours to bat conservation!

A thank you infographic created to thank our amazing volunteers from this year.

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