Call for information, data, case studies or research to assess Migration of Bat Species and Interactions with Offshore Wind Farms.

Following on from guidance compiled on the effects of onshore wind energy on bats in Great Britain, Natural England have commissioned a review to assess migration of bat species and interactions with offshore wind farms.

The Bat Conservation Trust, in collaboration with the University of the West of England and University of Stirling, are currently undertaking this review and in order to comprehensively cover all available evidence, we are calling for any unpublished research, data or case studies in relation to:

  • Bat migration within and between Europe and the UK.
  • Information on Nathusius’ pipistrelle maternity roosts, captures and ring recaptures (that have taken place outside of National Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project surveys).
  • Records of ‘vagrant’ or dispersing bats potentially arrived from Europe
  • Information about the interaction of bats with wind turbines (e.g. collision, mortality, disturbance, displacement, avoidance, attraction), both offshore and onshore.
  • Technology for monitoring bat migration.
  • Technology and survey methods for monitoring bat interactions with wind turbines, both offshore and onshore.
  • Measures used to mitigate the impact of wind energy developments and their effectiveness.