2nd December 2022

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is inviting tenders for a new national ringed bat database and online recording form for recording sales of bat rings, ringed bats and recaptures of ringed bats. This work is being undertaken as part of the Ringing the Changes project, funded by donations from bat groups, individual bat ringers and other supporters.

The deadline for receipt of tenders is 10 am on Friday 27th January.

Putting uniquely numbered rings on wild bats is a long-established technique to identify individuals. A number of researchers, bat groups and consultants are involved in long-term ringing projects. Around 4000 bat rings are sold each year by BCT, with sales managed via an online order form and an Excel spreadsheet for sales records. There is no centralised database in the UK for bat ringing records (only ring sales). The Ringing the Changes project aims to implement a national database, meeting the requirements EUROBATS Resolution No. 4.6 2003 (Guidelines for the Issue of Permits for the Capture and Study of Captured Wild Bats) that all signatory countries have a centralised recording system.

To register your interest in bidding for this work and to receive a copy of the invitation to tender, please email Lisa Worledge, providing your company name and contact details.