17th February 2021

The Bat Conservation Trust is inviting tenders for an online volunteer portal and an associated administration system, to support our suite of citizen science surveys (specifically BCT's Nightwatch project) for which volunteers deploy remote (aka passive) acoustic sensors.

Nightwatch is a free, simple, night-time wildlife acoustic survey open to all. Thanks to the advances in technology volunteer Nightwatchers will simply need to put out credit-card sized ‘AudioMoth’ acoustic sensors in their gardens or local greenspaces overnight, then share their wildlife sightings and AudioMoth recordings via a custom app. A new AI tool will allow computerised identification of bat calls from the recordings. Nightwatch data will be shared with participants, local conservationists, researchers and policy makers.

Full specification and tender submission instructions

Please note we have extended the submission deadline - The closing date for tenders is 12:00 (noon) on 3rd March 2021. The contact point for submission and queries is Katherine Boughey: kboughey@bats.org.uk