26th January 2021

A recent consultation entitled ‘Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure’ at first glance might not seem like a concern with regard its impact on bats. However, this is a proposed expansion of permitted development rights (PDR). This consultation closes on 28th January 2021.

BCT has previously expressed concerns about the PDR process and the inconsistent consideration of European Protected Species as part of this - see this news piece.

In a BCT call for evidence at that time (2014) we found that approximately half of Local Planning Authorities did not believe that EPS legislation had to be taken into account as part of the PDR process. Despite lobbying ministers with this evidence, the line from Government remained the same, which was that LPAs should know that EPS legislation has to be taken into account.

Our asks as part of this consultation remain the same as they were then, only magnified by the potential even greater rollout of PDR. Our full response can be found here.