5th November 2020

Inside the Bat Cave is a fascinating new film that showcases the hidden world of bats.
It features the amazing work of The Bat Conservation Trust’s National Bat Helpline staff and volunteers, who advise thousands of people about bats every year and rescue many distressed ones. It also follows the vital conservation work carried out by people involved in our National Bat Monitoring Programme.

This documentary shows some of the latest technology and techniques used by bat workers and scientists - including drones, night vision cameras, heat cameras, harp nets and ultrasonic recording kit - to get up close to a variety of bat species, including one of Britain’s rare greater horseshoe bat colonies in Dorset.

Also: discover how wing shape affects bat flight, how far they can fly and which bat goes from slumber to 160km/hour! And did you know humans can learn to echolocate?

You can watch Inside The Bat Cave on BBC iPlayer: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000nx12/inside-the-bat-cave

New film: Inside The Bat Cave