27th May 2020

An important paper on Non-Bitumen Coated Roofing Membranes testing methodology has just been published in Building Research and Information journal. It can be accessed here.

Titled ‘Method for evaluating the snagging propensity of roofing membranes in buildings by roosting bats’ this methods paper allows the independent testing of membranes to answer the question of what constitutes a roofing membrane with minimised risk to bats where they are or could be present. Until these independent tests are completed and the results discussed with the relevant SNCO (NE, NRW, SNH), the original advice stills stands, currently the only ‘bat safe’ roofing membrane is bitumen 1F felt that is a non-woven short fibred construction.

For more information about Non-Bitumen Coated Roofing Membranes (formerly BRMs) visit our page.