15th February 2018

The Bat Conservation Trust is planning a symposium in 2018 in London (venue TBC) aiming to share knowledge and best practice regarding strategic, landscape-scale planning for biodiversity (not just bats!).

It is now widely recognised that we need to act at a landscape-scale to create ecological networks and fulfil the Lawton vision of more, bigger, better and joined sites for nature conservation. In particular, we would like to attract presentations on strategic initiatives that have been fully integrated into development control or Local Plans. We would also welcome presentations delivering perspectives from different industries.

If you would like to contribute please submit a 250 word abstract (with a title) in Word or PDF format, including your name and your primary affiliation, to Jan Collins, Head of Biodiversity, BCT (jcollins@bats.org.uk) by 16th March 2018.

We have extended the original deadline for presentations because we have decided, with feedback from potential speakers, that it would be better to run the event in October 2018 rather than earlier in the year. This buys us a little more time to add to the collection of high quality presentations that have already been submitted. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this event please email Dr Joe Nunez-Mino comms@bats.org.uk