4th August 2017

Over the last 44 years, the European Union (EU) has played a critical role in shaping the legislation that protects bats and other wildlife in the UK. The Government's EU (Withdrawal) Bill (also known as the Great Repeal Bill) is the first important step in shaping what will come after we are no longer part of the EU.

Although the Great Repeal Bill aims to transpose all the EU-led legislation into UK law, the situation is not that straight forward. As EU legislation is transferred into UK law, the Government has plans to give Ministers delegated powers to review and amend the legislation. Although some changes may be necessary, such as reference to EU institutions, it is important that broader changes that could impact on the intent or scope of the legislation are made under full democratic processes and scrutiny. Big questions also remain unanswered, such as who will oversee the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement mechanisms.

Robust laws and clear plans are vital if the UK is to continue to be a global leader in wildlife conservation. What happens during the debate of the Repeal Bill could be a huge risk to bats, other wildlife and the environment as a whole or it could be a huge opportunity to reinforce or improve protection. The bill will be debated in government over the coming months and years. We need you to speak up for bats and all wildlife at this important time by reminding your MP of their crucial role in defending our environmental laws. Please join your voice to ours to ensure that legislation is fit for purpose.

The "Take Action for the Environment" campaign is lead by Wildlife and Countryside Link (a unique coalition of 46 voluntary organisations concerned with the conservation and protection of wildlife and the countryside). Please click on this link to contact your MP and take action for the environment


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