14th September 2016

State of Nature Report 2016

The State of Nature report 2016 was published today (14 September 2016) and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

This report has been created thanks to the collaboration of 53 conservation organisations. It represents the most comprehensive assessment to date of the status of species at land and sea in the UK. The report shows that the majority of species assessed (56%) are in decline while 15% have disappeared already. It also shows how appropriate legislation and education has helped the partial recovery of a number of bat species such as the soprano pipistrelle.

We need to continue to work together with government and business as well as civil society at large to stop the loss and decline of nature. We would like to thank all the volunteers and citizen scientists that contributed towards the National Bat Monitoring Project as well as all the other bat conservation work. Without your support the report would not have been possible. We need to continue to work together and inspire even more people to engage with nature and appreciate just how important it is to everyone's wellbeing.

Everyone can contribute towards reversing the worrying trends highlighted by the State of Nature Report. Find out all the different ways to contribute towards bat conservation HERE