24th August 2016

BCT's Bats and the Built Environment Project will be running a Mitigation Case Studies Forum on 24th January 2017 at the Arup headquarters in London. The key aim is to promote the importance of monitoring in ensuring success in mitigation schemes by sharing best practice and lessons learnt. This event concerns biodiversity in general, not just bats!

To submit a case study, we will require a title and 250 word abstract, with the introduction section briefly covering:

  • The ecological receptor
  • The predicted impacts
  • The mitigation measures applied
  • The monitoring regime

The main discussion section of the case study should emphasise:

  • What worked / went as expected?
  • What didn't work / was unexpected?
  • What lessons were learnt / did the monitoring reveal?

The chosen case studies will be separated into four sessions during the event (with ample time for networking between sessions) according to the following four broad categories:

  • Domestic / household
  • Housing / industry / leisure / public services
  • Transport
  • Energy

Case Study abstracts will be accepted up to 5pm on Friday 21st October.

Please send the case study title and abstract with your name, job role, organisation and full contact details to: jferguson@bats.org.uk.