27th May 2016

Bats make up approximately 20% of all mammal species but remain undervalued and misunderstood despite the fact that they are an integral part of our environment. Recent estimates of how much bats save us in terms of reduced damage to crops and pesticide use reaches into the billions at a global level (read more HERE). Although the UK bat species that we are able to monitor through the National Bat Monitoring Programme are considered to have been stable or to have increased since 1999 (read more HERE), bats are still under threat.

Lack of knowledge is recognised as one of the major threats to the conservation of bats, so BCT aspires to engage in, support, commission and encourage work that will lead to a better future for bats. BCT is committed to ensuring that conservation policy, practice and guidance is based on a robust scientific evidence base. As part of this process, BCT has identified nineteen priority research areas where further evidence is needed to help inform and direct bat conservation. Click HERE to download the full list.

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