11th December 2012

Terry Durnin, Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Volunteer, April 1940 - September 2012 Terry sadly passed away in September 2012 after a short illness. Terry's passion for bat conservation began in the mid 1980's, when a bat was discovered at his younger son Adam's primary school in Lutterworth. Adam was fascinated, and quickly joined the Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group, and regularly going 'Bat Spotting', typically near a Saddington Tunnel, watching Daubenton's bats on Friday evenings. After a little while, Terry got fed up with sitting in the car, joined in, got hooked and after a little while got trained and obtained his bat licence. Over the next 25 years, Terry gave talks to all sorts of groups about bats (often with practical examples), providing advice, and meeting and helping with people who discover they have bats and don't know what to do. A wide range of learning, interest and community groups across Leicestershire have enjoyed a 'Terry Talk' on Bats, and hopefully this has helped to educate people and dispel some of the many myths that surround such a charming animal. Terry was truly a lover of nature, and actively encouraged wildlife in his and wife Eileen's garden. Terry was a larger than life character, and his passion for bat conservation was a huge part of his, and his family's, life. His son Adam will continue Terry's passion for bats and bat conservation.