17th November 2011

BCT appeals for funds to challenge bat misconceptions

In 2011 the number of suspected bat crimes reported to us has risen. The Bat Helpline has answered substantially more queries and concerns than ever before. We have seen campaigns against bats and the legislation protecting them. And bats are once again being portrayed as pests: unwanted in the home; causing untold damage and havoc; or standing in the way of development and growth.

Several news outlets, including the BBC, ran articles where anti-bat attitudes dominated. Despite our offer of images from the photo library of UK bat photos for article illustration, the Mail Online and others invariably opt for the largest bat image available, and so UK bats are hardly ever seen. Repetition of clichés and myths takes up column inches while hardly a reference to the excellent support available is seen.

Bat conservation efforts can only be undermined by this misinformation.

We need your help to speak up for bats, combat negative attitudes, and tackle the media on irresponsible actions. Our vision is of a world where bats and people thrive together. You can help us change attitudes and inspire understanding and appreciation by making a donation today.

What will your donation do?

£10 will allow a Helpline Officer to address concerns from a member of the public about bats

£50 could help provide materials for bat box building workshops to inspire local communities

£250 will enable us to educate policy makers and MPs at BCT's parliamentary bat event

£25,000 will fund a full time press officer to speak out for bats