19th August 2010

Thanks to the generous support of over 200 people the Bat Conservation Trust is half way to it's £10,000 target to keep the Bat Helpline running.

Every summer bats face challenges to find food, suitable roosts and even water to drink; this year has been no exception. The Bat Conservation Trust's (BCT) Bat Helpline is still being inundated with calls from people who need help or advice about bats.

With young bats now taking their first few flights they are facing dangers from cats, cars and within buildings. The most common calls the Bat Helpline is now receiving are from people finding a young bat trapped indoors. Thankfully with the right advice bats' lives can be saved. These young bats often just need a door or window left open to find their own way out, in more urgent cases a volunteer bat carer maybe called upon to help an exhausted and disorientated young bat find the strength to take to the air again. If these young bats do survive to become accomplished fliers, there is then an urgent need to find enough food to see them through the colder months spent in hibernation.

The Bat Helpline is a free service, supported by a dedicated network of volunteer bat workers, bat carers, and volunteers who answer calls. Each year it directly saves the lives of thousands of bats. You can can ehlp us keep this vital running through the night at this cirtical time.

We urgently need to meet our target of £10,000 to continue our work.

With your help, we can continue to provide this free service and ensure that anyone who needs help with a bat receives the information they need as quickly as possible.

Your support makes a huge difference. Please give, a donation no matter how large or small can make all the difference.

Donate now at www.justgiving.com/bats

To find out more, call the Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228.