23rd February 2010

The Bat Conservation Trust and fashion designer Ada Zanditon have teamed up to draw attention to bats and the threats they face. Zanditon's collection called Echolocation goes on show today and draws inspiration from the shape and movement of bats and is the culmination of months of work by the ethical fashion designer. Echolocation presents a nocturnal swathe of sultry, strong dresses, versatile in wear from day to evening and follows the success of Zanditon's last collection which focused on the collapse of bee populations.

Ada Zandtion explains: "I became fascinated by a bat's ability navigate the night sky through echolocation. We have these remarkable animals on our doorstep that desperately need our help; I want this collection to celebrate the amazing abilities of these unique mammals. Bringing bats and fashion together changes the way people think about bats and the fashion industry."

Julia Hanmer, Chief Executive, Bat Conservation Trust explains how working with Zanditon benefits bats: "Most people associate bat conservation with bat walks not catwalks, this collection captures the mystery and beauty of bats and draws attention to the urgent need to conserve bats and their habitats.The Bat Conservation Trust, our members, volunteers and local bat groups have been working hard to halt the decline in bat populations and it is great to have the support of the fashion industry. With 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity there has never been a better time to draw attention to these beautiful yet vulnerable animals."

It is hoped that the Echolocation designs will find a buyer and hit the high street. The collection includes 2 exclusive t-shirts to help raise money for bat conservation in the UK with a percentage of the profits going to the Bat Conservation Trust.

For more information on Ada Zandition and her Echolocation collection visit her site www.adaz.co.uk