19th August 2009

Children to write Beatrix Potter's untold bat tale

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is on the hunt for the next Beatrix Potter, as part of an unusual new writing competition based on the beloved author's unpublished works.

Miss Potter wrote stories about many little creatures, from mice and rabbits, to chipmunks and frogs - but there was never a bat....or was there?

Launching the 'Beatrix Potter Bat Competition', BCT President and TV presenter Chris Packham said: "BCT came across some curious unfinished drawings of bats by Beatrix Potter in the Victoria and Albert Museum, which got us thinking - was there a bat story in the making?"

Miss Potter's diaries tell of her fondness of bats, and another clue is in a watercolour she painted of a bat roost with species that are never found in the same roost.

"We think there's a bat story to be told and urge young people everywhere to get creative, write Beatrix Potter's untold batty tale and maybe learn a bit more about these amazing creatures in the process!"

Entrants must come up with a title and write the opening paragraphs of Beatrix Potter's untold tale (up to 200 words) in the style of Beatrix Potter.

The winning entries will be displayed in the National Trust's Beatrix Potter Gallery in Cumbria. Winners will also receive a range of batty prizes.

Entries will be judged by Mrs Judy Taylor-Hough, Chair of the Beatrix Potter Society from 1996-2009, author and bat enthusiast Michael Baron, and Shirley Thompson of Bat Conservation Trust.

Entries close 31st December 2009.

Visit the Beatrix Potter Bat Competition page

Image courtesy of the Armitt Trust