29th September 2008

New Covent Garden Co. goes batty for Halloween - again!

For the second year running, the Bat Conservation Trust has teamed up with New Covent Garden Food Co. to raise awareness about bats in the lead up to Halloween.

The company's October Soup of the Month, Hocus Pocus: Pumpkin and Haricot Bean, has been created in support of BCT.

This follows their Halloween partnership in 2007, which saw a similarly themed soup become New Covent Garden Co.'s best selling Soup of the Month ever!

Deliciously spicy and hearty, Hocus Pocus: Pumpkin and Haricot Bean is the perfect way for budding bat enthusiasts to keep warm at a time when bats are getting ready to hibernate for winter.

New Covent Garden Food Co. has kindly given a donation to BCT and is also running an on-pack promotion on every carton, offering a discounted membership to the charity.

Amy Coyte, chief executive of BCT, said: "The partnership with New Covent Garden Food Co. is a great way to raise awareness about bats. The more people we can engage in bat conservation, the more we can do to protect them.

"Bats are often associated with Halloween, but in reality they're not scary at all. As official 'indicator species', they can tell us a great deal about the wider health of our wildlife and the natural environment. Getting involved in their conservation is a great way for people of all ages to explore their local environment and learn more about our native wildlife."

New Covent Garden Food Co.'s Hocus Pocus: Pumpkin and Haricot Bean Soup of the Month will be available in supermarkets and independent retailers nationwide throughout October.

For further information: Neil Young Bat Conservation Trust T: 0207 501 3635 E: nyoung@bats.org.uk