1st April 2008

Coronation Street Goes Batty!

Bats have featured on the famous TV soap after some bat activity was suspected on a building site by a local resident on the programme.

The Coronation Street storyline has highlighted one of the worrying issues facing bats - bat roosts being destroyed or disturbed through building and development.The building sector currently accounts for more than 60% of bat-related crime in the UK.

The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) has been consulted by researchers from the programme during the past few months. While BCT was not able to influence the storyline, we were able to offer general bat advice, as well as information on bats and the law.

Calls to BCT's Bat Helpline indicate the Coronation Street plot may already have saved some real-life roosts, as people who were previously unaware bats are protected have now become informed.

Thousands of householders across the UK live happily with their bats and we hope the programme will be a positive one for bat conservation, and encourage more people to be aware of bats and how they can help protect them.

If you have any questions about bats, or need advice on building or development work, please contact the Bat Helpline on: 0845 1300 228.