Bitesize Bats

6th April 2021

A collection of workshops run by Tragus Training and designed to work as both a complete programme and as stand-alone sessions, each workshop will help trainees progress with their bat licence training as part of wider working. Workshops are also suitable for individuals who are not licence trainees but still interested in developing their knowledge of British bats. As with our face-to-face training we will limit numbers to ensure that all attendees are able to get the most out of their workshops. The five workshops are: 'British Bat Ecology and Conservation', 'Bats and the Law', 'Bat ID', 'Roosts and Signs', and 'Training for a Licence'. We're happy to say that at least 20% of our profit from these workshops will be donated to support the work of the Bat Conservation Trust.

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Bats for Building Professionals - Online

13th May 2021

This awareness course is for anyone who is responsible for buildings and their renovation/development/maintenance/design, including builders, surveyors, architects and pest controllers.

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Scoping surveys for Arborists - online

17th May 2021

"Very good introduction to bats in relation to ecology, the law and tree use." Course participant, 2017 Adapted for online delivery, this Lantra-accredited course, developed by the Bat Conservation Trust and supported by the Arboricultural Association, will enable participants to carry out tree works with consideration for the potential effects on bats and their habitats. Enquire for discount details:

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