Information for bat workers

The information on this page is targeted at visitors to underground hibernation sites with supporting information for bat carers.

Bat workers visiting underground hibernation sites are asked to:

  • remain vigilant for the symptoms commonly associated with WNS as part of their usual survey activities;
  • report to BCT/APHA immediately if any symptoms associated with WNS are observed/suspected;
  • follow decontamination procedures after site visits; and
  • anyone visiting sites within the region of a suspect case should carry out the decontamination procedures between site visits. For the latest information about sites see the table below, 'Cases currently under investigation'.

The guidelines for bat workers (and associated field surveillance form) and bat carers (and associated bat care surveillance form) are reviewed regularly. They were last update in November 2019 and will be reviewed again in 2021.

Cases currently under investigation are those where one or more of the symptoms of WNS have been observed or are suspected. All cases investigated during from the winter survey seasons of 2009 to 2012 came back as negative. During the 2012/13 winter survey period one case was positive for P. destructans and a further case was found during the 2013/14 season, none were found during the 2015/16 hibernation season. Over the course of the 2016/17 and 2017/18 hibernation seasons additional cases were confirmed at sites in the Midlands, Eastern and Southern England through an active surveillance project. There were no positive cases during the 2018/19 or 2019/20 winter seasons.

New suspect cases for the 2020/21 hibernation season are listed below (including whether we have any results or if the results are outstanding).

In addition to the regular review of the guidelines we produce, we continue to update the information on the BCT website and provide updated guidance to other individuals visiting hibernation sites through our key caving contacts. If you have any questions about this information or BCT’s work in this area please email Lisa Worledge.

Cases Under Investigation

Please note that it may six weeks or longer to report results.

When the status of a case is identified as 'NEGATIVE' that means no P. destructans conidia were isolated during testing.

Date of notification





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