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Photo Library

               Brown long-eared in flight (Hugh Clark) 

The BCT Photo Library contains stunning images of all UK bat species, allowing us a priviliged glimpse into their secretive world. A number of these images are available for purchase, with samples available for viewing at BCT's online photo gallery (via Flickr).

                          View the online photo gallery 

It is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost. Photographing bats can disturb them, especially if bats are in their roosts (or entering and existing their roosts) and if you are using a flash/lighting. This sort of activity may therefore require a licence (More information available HERE). For more information please contact us by emailing



Proceeds from Photo Library sales help fund the crucial conservation work of the Bat Conservation Trust. Pricing is based on specific usage requirements and is determined by a number of factors, such as:

  • usage (how the image will be used, e.g. leaflet, poster) 
  • intended size of image
  • intended position & prominence of image (e.g. frontcover, main image, thumbnail)
  • size of circulation / print run

To enable your request to be accurately costed, please provide us with this information when enquiring about specific images.  

Conditions of use 

All images distributed from the BCT Photo Library must be clearly credited to both the individual photographer and the Bat Conservation Trust when used.

Images cannot be reproduced anywhere other than the for the intended purpose outlined during the request process without the prior permission of the Bat Conservation Trust (unless stated otherwise).   

How to request an image

Simply complete and submit an image request form:

                   Submit your image request

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