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Where to See Bats

Bats live in the countryside, towns and cities across the UK. They are most active in the summer months when they come out of hibernation, hunt insects, give birth and raise their young. You are more likely to see bats around sunset or sunrise in warm, dry weather. Some bats fly high in the sky while others fly low over water, some prefer grassland while others stick close to hedges and trees.

You could have bats right on your doorstep!

  • Explore the landscape (below) to find out where you might see bats and what makes an area good for bats. Watch videos and follow a bat’s flight path!
  • Visit the Big Bat Map to find out about bat hotspots and sightings in your area
  • Check out our events listing to find bat walks, surveys and activities near you.

Seen a bat?

  • Share your sighting on the Big Bat Map!
  • Learn about the 18 UK bat species online or download our What Bat is That? leaflet (PDF) to discover more.
  • Help us monitor bats - become a National Bat Monitoring Programme volunteer.
  • Try doing a Sunset Survey on a warm, dry summer evening. You might be surprised to find bats coming out of a nearby building!
  • If you are involved with managing a local green space, you could put up some of our downloadable Bat Trail signs so your visitors can learn more about bats and bat habitats while having fun following the Bat Trail!

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