Why do bat care?

Bat care contacts contribute the conservation or our vulnerable bat species in a number off ways:

  • Successful releases - Through the hard work and dedication of the UK’s bat carers many bats found grounded or injured by members of the public are successfully released back into the wild population.
  • Public education - Finding a grounded individual is often the first contact a member of the public will have with bats. It is a fantastic opportunity to educate the public about these amazing mammals and the need to conserve them.
  • Identification of roosting sites - A grounded bat found in a garden is likely to be roosting nearby. By talking to homeowners and re-releasing bats where they were found, we can identify and protect new roosting sites.
  • In addition, anyone training to be a bat carer needs experience in identifying and handling live bats. Long-term captives and bat care in general provide a chance for trainees to get some valuable hands on experience.
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