Request for help in finding a trainer

This form is for those who would like to be trained in bat care, but have been unsuccessful in finding a trainer through their local bat group. If you're already working with a trainer, there's no need to contact BCT at the moment; once you've been fully trained, you can register directly as a carer or ambulance driver.

For more information on the Network and getting involved, please see our FAQ page.

Before completing the registration form, please ensure you've read the following documents:

BCT's Bat Care Guidelines

Good Practice Guidelines on Bats and Rabies

Supplement to Good Practice Guidelines

Good Practice Guidelines on COVID-19

Wearing Gloves When Handling Bats

National Bat Helpline Rabies Enquiry Procedures

A Guide to Licencing for Bat Carers

Mealworm Allergy Information for Bat Carers

The National Bat Helpline's Call Handling Procedure

The UK Bat Care Network's Data Handling Policy

If you haven't yet contacted your local bat group, please do so before proceeding with this form. Bat group members are all volunteers, so you may have to wait for a response. Please note that bat care is seasonal and your local group may not have opportunities for you till the summer.

There are five short pages in total.