International Bat Night

This annual celebration of bats sees bat events for the public taking place across the country. This year (2023) International Bat Night is 26-27th August!

Have a look at our International Bat Night Pack which you can download here!
Inside you will find ideas on how to celebrate bats, help bat conservation, further resources and more! You will find lots of useful hyperlinks throughout the document too so you or you can print the packs or bits of it. These are only suggestions, the main thing is that you celebrate bats your own way (and if possible share it with us)!

Bat groups, park rangers and community groups organise fantastic bat walks and talks at dusk, as well some day time fun days!

This celebration of bats is held by bat groups and the Bat Conservation Trust, to coincide with International Bat Night (formerly European Bat Night) which is organised by Eurobats. We aim to encourage thousands of people across the country to see and hear bats in their natural environment by taking part in a range of events organised by local bat groups, wildlife trusts, countryside rangers and other organisations across the country.

If you're organising an event, please do email with details of your event: name of event, date, time and location, who is it aimed for, is it a paid event (if so how much per person), do people need to book (and where), contact details for the organiser for people who have question, website of the event if there is one.