Amazing Bats, An introduction to the bats of Britain & Ireland

Bats of the World, An introduction to the amazing variety of bats

Encouraging Bats, A guide for bat-friendly gardening and living

Stars of the Night, Working together to create a ‘batty’ neighbourhood

What Bat is That?, A handy guide to help you identify the most likely species flying in your garden

How are trees important to bats, a poster


Help and guidance

Living with Bats, A guide for roost owners

Bats and Buildings, Guidance for built environment professionals, consultants, building owners and managers on the conservation actions to promote and cater for bats in buildings

Bats and the Law, An overview for planning, building and maintenance works

Bats and Trees, guidance to know if a tree has bat potential and for those worried about works that could disturb bats in an individual tree or small group of trees

Bats in Churches, Practical advice to help your church and bats

Bat Rehabilitation, How to get involved



Amazing Bats (only available digitally)

Bats of Britain and Ireland (available printed - email

Bats and Trees Poster (produced with Mammal Next Door and available in other languages)