PLEASE NOTE that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and like many others organisations, BCT staff are now mainly working remotely in order to protect themselves and help to reduce the spread of the virus.

During this period we are unable to send out leaflets. However, you can still download all our leaflets as PDFs here.

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Request various BCT leaflets and publications for use in bat conservation projects near you, or simply for your own information. Please indicate the quantity of leaflets required in the boxes below each leaflet type.

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Welsh language publications / Cyhoeddiadau

Please note that these are bilingual publications. Available by email request to:

Bats in Scotland leaflet

If you are interested in finding out more about bats in Scotland, this leaflet is available by email request to:

If you require hard copies of any of our other publications (Bat News, Young Batworker or Annual Review), please email us for details or information at

Stock levels fluctuate continually and leaflets may be out of stock at any time. Low stock leaflets have a maximum order of between 10-20.

Encouraging bats has been discontinued in print and Bats and the Law is out of stock indefinitely. However, these can all be downloaded as electronic PDFs on our leaflet page. Please see the Stars of the Night leaflet for information similar to Encouraging Bats.

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An introduction to the bats of Britain & Ireland A guide to the amazing variety of bats A brief guide to identifying bats Guidance and advice on sharing your home with bats, identifying species and caring for grounded bats Working together to create a 'batty' neighbourhood Guidance for built environment professionals, consultants, building owners and managers on the conservation actions to promote and cater for bats in buildings Guidance on how to get involved with bat rehabilitation and the support available Membership leaflet with details and information about joining the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Monitoring Programme population trends