Here are some suggestions for all sorts of activities relating to bats you can do indoors (some you can do outdoors if the weather is suitable!) Fun for all ages!

  • Summer Bingo - Bats and More - a fun bingo card of activities for you to try this summer. Can you do them all and get a "full-roost"?
Indoor bat activities


  • Flapping bat - craft yourself a flapping bat with our easy-to-follow instructions and template


Indoor bat activities
  • Long-eared bat finger puppet - use our template or draw your own bat and follow our guidelines to make your own finger puppet
Indoor bat activities
  • Origami bat - can you turn a square of paper into a bat?
  • Draw or paint a bat - use your artistic skills to draw or paint a bat. We have tips to guide you if you need or let your creativity fly!
Indoor bat activities
  • Needle felt bat - may require adult supervision for children new to needle felting
  • Do some batty baking - whether making something bat-shaped like biscuits, or incorporating ingredients from bat-pollinated plants, there are lots of ways to do some baking on a bat-theme

  • Write a story or poem about bats - you might find some inspiration from our Batty Laureate winners or want to enter your own writing for the competition

Brain challenges

  • Work out your wingspan - if you were a bat how big would your wings be?
  • Bats are like... - imagine what a real live bat feels, looks and sounds like
  • True or False - a quiz (with notes to help the Quiz leader)
Indoor bat activities

Dressing up

  • Bat hat - surround yourself with flapping bats by creating our fun bat hat
  • Bat costume - for Halloween or any other day you fancy dressing up as a bat!
  • Bat masks - make a mask of one of your favourite bat species. Choose from a pipistrelle, long-eared bat or Daubenton's bat mask