Anabat Insight workshops (online) - Titley Scientific

Anabat Insight workshops (online) - Titley Scientific

Anabat Insight

Developed to enable bat workers to learn more about Anabat Insight, these courses will enable them to develop their knowledge of Anabat Insight, learn to use the software and pick up hints and tips on how to get the most from it.

The workshops are organised and presented by recognised industry expert, Julie Broken-Brow from Titley Scientific and her colleagues. Running for 2 hours each, the courses will provide tools for basic use of the full spectrum & zero crossing analysis software Anabat Insight. Titley Scientific will donate £5 from each booking on their UK courses to the Bat Conservation Trust.

Details of upcoming dates and courses can be found here - click the link

1. Introduction to Anabat Insight (online)

Course content includes:

  • Navigating the program
  • Opening and viewing files
  • Basic searches
  • Optimising triggers and settings

Participant feedback from previous workshops:

"It was fantastic to have such a clear presenter and there is huge value in doing this online"

"It was very useful as I've not been able to get to grips with the programme. The presenter was lovely, very down to earth and helpful "

"Gave me a very good understanding of the basics of Anabat Insight which I have never used before."

2. Intermediate skills for Anabat Insight

Course content includes:

  • Advanced trigger settings
  • Calculating metrics
  • Understanding and manipulating metadata
  • Generating custom reports

Participant feedback from previous workshops:

"It was very well organised, with lots of info, links, clear instructions etc beforehand to help it run smoothly"

3. Anabat Insight Advanced Skills Workshop

Course content includes:

  • Creating filters
  • Running advanced searches
  • Developing decision trees
  • Semi-automated workflow

Participant feedback from previous workshops:

"It was great to learn more advanced techniques and quicker ways of doing things"

Please note:

BCT does not endorse any of the analysis software programs included within their training courses or conference workshops but values the important contribution they can make to bat conservation. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to data or unsatisfactory results arising from the use of any analysis software during or after a BCT course or conference workshop.

The use of proprietary and commercial trade names in BCT training or conferences does not imply endorsement of the product, software or technique by event sponsors, funding bodies or BCT.

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