What do the flashing LEDs mean?

Switch set to USB/OFF

Green LED lit continuously - connected to computer

Red LED flashing for up to 2 seconds - Battery power indication.

When the switch is set to USB/OFF the red LED will flash from 1 to 4 times depending on battery voltage, with 4 indicating full. However we have found these flashes do not reliability indicate whether the batteries have enough power to last a full night. Instead, please use the following guidance: Fresh lithium AA batteries will last four nights before they need to be replaced. Fresh alkaline AA batteries will last for three nights. Please do not use rechargeable batteries as they will cause the AudioMoth to fail.

Switch set to CUSTOM

Green LED flashing - sleeping, ready to record

Red LED lit continuously - recording

Red LED flashing - configuration error. Check that you have inserted an SD card and try reconfiguring your AudioMoth.

Switch set to DEFAULT

Green LED flashing - waiting for chime

Green LED lit continuously - successfully configured

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