Getting landowner permission

It's important to get permission in advance from any landowner or custodian if you are entering private property or sites with restricted access. Please keep a written copy of this permission, it will be important if you need to make an insurance claim.

British Bat Survey: Click here to download a standard letter of introduction that you can use to request access.

Here are a few tips on finding landowner details:

  1. Search for details online. Entering the address and/or any other details about the land into a search engine is a good place to start and will usually provide the information you need.
  2. Check Google Maps. Use the search function of Google Maps to look for the names and contact details of nearby businesses and farms.
  3. Check OS maps. If the location is on farmland, OS maps will show the locations of nearby farms. They often also show the names of nearby houses or estates. OS mapping can be viewed here.
  4. Search an online directory. If you have a farm, estate or business name, you can look it up in an online directory such as The Phone Book or Yell.
  5. Ask around. This is sometimes this can be the easiest way to find landowners details. Ask in a local post office, shop or pub.
  6. Contact estate departments and staff. If the site is located within a park or estate contact staff to ask for landowner details. If it’s a public park try contacting the local council’s parks department. For National Parks contact the National Park Authorities.
  7. Contact the council if your site is on council-owned land. All councils will have a website where you can obtain contact details or fill in an enquiry form.
  8. Check the electoral register. If you have an address you can use this to look up the name of anyone registered to vote at that address. You can find out where to view the electoral register by contacting your local Electoral Registration Office here. It is also often available at local libraries.
  9. Look up the Title Register. Landowner details can be found in the site's Title Register, but please be aware you will normally be charged a fee to access this. For England & Wales click here, for Scotland click here, and for Northern Ireland click here.

If you need any assistance with finding landowner details, please contact us
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