Deall Ecosystemau - how do I survey

Unless the site is secure, with no public access, then it is better put the detector out just before sunset and collect it back in at first light. If you do have to bring them back in, then they wont need to be switched off but you will need to make sure that they are in place before sunset.

What detectors am I using?

Deall Ecosystemau - how do I survey

There will be two detectors. The main detector is the SM2+ made by Wildlife Acoustics. The other small detector is a new system that is still being developed - Audiomoth.

You will need to follow the instructions carefully as you will need to do some very limited, but important, setting up of both detectors.

Both will need to be positioned near each other as we want to compare the results.

Access permission

You must make sure you have land owner access permission. For public bodies such as Councils, National Parks, and Natural Resources Wales, then you can find their contact details on their web sites.

Health and Safety

You must bear in mind your personal health and safety. We cannot do risk assessments for you as we do not know where you are surveying. The instructions have more details as to the sorts of things to bear in mind.

Weather conditions

It is a good idea to check ahead what the likely weather forecast is. If the forecast is exceptionally wet and\or windy then you will need to think about a more sheltered place to site the detectors.

What to do at the end

Once you have finished doing the survey, then you need to take out the data cards and send them to BCT using a stamped addressed envelope. In the envelope you will also need to write down a few details - your name and email contact, the site name, one kilometre grid reference and dates surveyed.

The equipment will need to be packed back in its box and returned to the loan centre by the due date. The success of his project is dependant on you picking up and returning the detector pack to the loan centre as planned as the centre will need to get it ready to for the next person.

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