Deall Ecosystemau - how to book a bat detector pack

To do this you need to see if a one kilometer square is available for you. We will need to accept this before you can book your detector. If a one kilometre square is not available then get in touch and we can see if it might be possible to let you survey that square.

Once you have done that, the on-line booking system will lead you through the steps to book the detector pack.

You will receive an email confirming everything and a reminder email a couple of days before.

When are the survey periods?

The survey periods run from a Friday to the following Thursday and it will run until the end of October.

The dates when detector packs are available will be shown on the booking pages

Collecting your detector pack

You will need to collect your pack from your loan centre

Once you get your pack home, the first thing is to read through the instructions and make sure you understand what to do.

You will also need to charge the batteries up - this will take some time.

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