Aim of the project

A pilot bat detector loan project: Deall Ecosystemau - Understanding our Environment

Hugh Clark

This project aims to improve our understanding of bat distribution and activity by giving you an opportunity to take advantage of advances in technology for the automatic capture of bat calls that can then be analysed on a computer. The results of the project will also help to explore the future of bat conservation monitoring and it will help to direct future conservation strategies.

As this is a pilot project, Deall Ecosystemau is currently only taking place in Pembrokeshire, and in Gwynedd and Anglesey. It runs in a similar way as the Norfolk Bat Project and the Devon Bat Survey project.

For more information contact Steve Lucas

This project is part funded by Natural Resources Wales.

How will you be able to do this?

You will be able to borrow a bat detector pack from a loan centre. It will come with two types of bat detector with everything that you need to put the detector out.

We ideally want you to survey for four consecutive nights.

At the end of the survey you will need to send the data cards back to BCT and return the detector pack to the loan centre. We will analyse the sound files and get a report back to you so you can find out what bats have been flying about.

Where can I survey?

We want your survey to be based on a one kilometre square. For this year, we are not specifically asking you to target any particular habitat type so your survey location is down to you. You might like to survey a parkland perhaps, maybe a woodland ride, your back garden or even where you work. You will need to think carefully who else might be around and whether there is a likelihood of attracting unwanted attention!

What will happen to my data?

Once your data has been verified and validated, it will be sent to the local biological record centre where it may be used to help inform day to day activities such as planning applications or longer term strategic decisions such as conservation strategies and action plans.

Bat data is considered as sensitive data and it is not released to the general public. Also this data is bat activity and it is not evidence of bat roosts.

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