Bats and Artificial Lighting Symposium 2019

Bats and Artificial Lighting Symposium 2019

Tuesday 21 May 2019 at Arup's offices in London: 8 Fitzroy St, Bloomsbury, London W1T 4BQ

Through the Bats and Artificial Lighting Symposium 2019, BCT and their partners brought together experts from academia, the lighting industry and conservation to share their learning and experiences of best practice in terms of lighting and its impact on bats.

We were delighted to have Prof. Kevin Gaston ( Professor of Biodiversity & Conservation at University of Exeter as our keynote. Prof. Gaston is a natural scientist with in depth experience in leading, managing, and conducting basic, strategic and applied research on a range of environmental issues presently facing humanity, including the impacts of artificial lighting on a range of taxa and habitats.

The symposium then featured sharing of knowledge and best practice via a series of presentations


  • Jack Merrifield, Southampton University – ‘Establishing barriers to urban-dwelling bats’
  • Julie Day, Exeter University / JNCC – ‘Lighting up the Landscape’
  • Fiona Mathews, Sussex University – ‘Modelling the barrier effect of lighting on the movement of bats at a landscape scale’


  • Jack Merrifield & Chris Emberson, Southampton University – ‘Strategic planning for bats on Southampton Common’ as an introduction to ‘Lights, Crime, Action! Correlations of crime and levels of street lamp illumination’
  • Karl Jones, Crestwood Environmental – ‘The effects of artificial lighting on landscape character and visual amenity: assessment and interdisciplinary working’
  • Cody Levine, Worcestershire County Council and Stuart Morton, Jacobs – ‘A4440 lighting scheme'


  • Maurice Donners, Signify – ‘Reducing the impact on night time behaviour of nocturnal mammals’
  • Sean Kielthy, Hoare Lea – ‘Live reporting of light level monitoring to an interactive website’
  • James Fletcher, Kingfisher Lighting – ‘Smart Cities'


  • Harry Fox, Clarkson & Woods – ‘Developing guidance to balance the needs of bats and development in a landscape city’
  • Lee Gunner, Brentwood Associates - ‘Best practice lighting assessment’
  • Jenny Singh, Arup – ‘A120 Little Haddenham Bypass’

As with previous built environment symposia, we were looking for attendance from a diverse audience representing a cross section of the industries involved in lighting and wildlife within the built environment and encouraged networking throughout our breaks and lunchtime.

PROCEEDINGS from this event are being compiled and will be shared here in due course.

Any questions about the event, please contact BCT's Built Environment Manager, Jo Ferguson:


Bats and Artificial Lighting Symposium 2019

Symposium Co-Sponsor - Arup

Bats and Artificial Lighting Symposium 2019

Symposium Co-Sponsor - Kingfisher Lighting

The symposium is being co-sponsored by Arup and Kingfisher Lighting. We are grateful for their support.

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