Saturday afternoon workshops

Project licences - Helen Miller

Is that a bat? - Neil Middleton

Not a classic workshop format, but a presentation-led session by Neil Middleton, with opportunities for attendees to be shown in more depth, the identification of bat social calls, as well as noise from non-bat subjects that could easily be misidentified or cause confusion during the sound analysis process. The presenter will use examples from his own library in conjunction with various analysis software packages, including BatSound and BatExplorer.

Forest bats and climate change - Dr Orly Razgour

Through rising temperatures, changes to patterns of rainfall and increased frequency and intensity of extreme events, climate change is predicted to affect the distribution, timing of life history events and conservation status of bats. Forest bats, in particular, are likely to be sensitive not only to the direct effects of climate change, but also to indirect effects through changes in forest composition and distribution. This workshop will give an overview of findings of recent studies on the impacts of climate change on bats, with a focus on British and European forest bats. We will present the key outputs from a meeting on the topic that takes place on Friday 4th September with policy makers, statutory bodies, conservation organisations and academic researchers. This will be followed by smaller group discussions of how to integrate climate change into your bat work, whether it be research, conservation, consultancy, bat care or public engagement. Workshop participants will be able to feedback on management recommendations for bat conservation under climate change.

Presenting online with confidence - Liz Ferrell

Do you feel anxious about delivering a presentation or talk online? Does the mere thought of public speaking put you off completely? Delivering a presentation online can be a nerve-racking experience and this workshop will teach you how to deliver online with confidence and give you a range of tips to help you keep your nerves under control.

Surveying bridges and viaducts - Stuart Spray

We will be looking at the current methods used to survey bridges and viaducts for the presence of roosting bats (rope access, thermal imaging, infra red etc.) and evaluate their effectiveness in terms of meeting BCT’s current survey guidelines and value for money. We hope that participants will share their experience of surveying bridges and viaducts in order to discuss the pros and cons of the various survey techniques current used by bat workers.

Planning trapping surveys - James Shipman and Colin Morris

Discussion based workshop using case studies to explore different sites and how to plan surveys including where to place traps

Gardening for bats - Shirley Thompson

Advice on developing a wildlife haven in your garden to support bats and other local wildlife

Introduction to visual bat identification - Gail Armstrong

Learn key identifying features to tell different species apart

Getting the Best from your Song Meter Mini Bat and Echo Meter Touch - Paul Howden-Leach

This workshop will cover how best to set up and use the Song Meter Mini Bat and the Echo Meter Touch 2. Covering both the hardware and the associated apps, Paul Howden-Leach from Wildlife Acoustics will demonstrate how to get started with using these detectors. He will provide a detailed explanation of the different settings the apps, how to connect to your mobile device, how to store and share the data you collect.

Sunday morning workshops

Bat Roosts In Trees – evidence supported scoping for application in a commercial context - Louis Pearson

This workshop will guide you through the method for scoping bat survey of trees as set out in Bat Roosts in Trees (BTHK 2018) using the evidence base of the Bat Roost Habitat Key Database. The workshop will be centred around a spreadsheet designed to simplify the scoping process. It is recommended that participants are familiar with the Bat Tree Habitat Key Project and have read Bat Roosts In Trees prior to the workshop.

Surveying buildings and mitigation case studies - Chris Vine

A presentation-based workshop using a range of examples to consider how to survey buildings for their bat potential, reviewing the evidence you might find and providing some examples of mitigation

Batty Crafts

Come along and have a go at some batty craft activities! Not just to make a souvenir of the conference to take home but also ideas designed to liven up your events and help engage your audience with bats. Fun for all ages whether your audience is young or young at heart!

Big surveys on small budgets - experimenting with Audiomoths - Adrian Bicker

Engaging stakeholders in a conservation project - Back from the Brink, NBMP and Bats in Churches project staff

This discussion-based workshop will draw on insights from BCT’s involvement in a variety of projects, including the Grey Long-eared Bat Project (part of Back from the Brink) and the Bats in Churches Projects, which work with a variety of stakeholders to achieve their aims. Using these and participants own experiences, we will share principles of good practice (and perhaps also learn from things that didn’t always go right first time).

Using your ears - distinguishing between 4 types of bat calls

Developing your skills in using a heterodyne bat detector to distinguish between 4 types of bats' calls to potentially take part in the NBMP Field Survey if you want

Emergency bat care for non-bat carers - Maggie Brown

Rescue, first aid and short term emergency bat care for those not normally involved in bat care who find themselves faced with dealing with a bat casualty or a bat that is found during building work. What you need to know to deal with the problem both ethically, within the law, and in practice .

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