Global Bat Conservation Showcase

Global Bat Conservation Showcase

Global Bat Conservation Showcase

The Global Bat Conservation Showcase provided an insight into the variety of bats found around the world and the efforts being made to conserve them.

We collaborated with bat conservationists from around the world to share insights into their efforts to save some remarkable species of bats.

We will be showcasing bat conservation projects from across the globe. The event was hosted by Nils Bouillard, who is no stranger to bats from around the world after completing his Big Bat Year.

Programme (timings BST)

10:30 - Torang and Poniki: locally-driven conservation to protect big bats (Sulawesi)

10:45 - Bats of western Himalayas: Stories from a poorly surveyed region

11:00 - Back from the brink: Grey Long-eared Bat Project (UK)

11:15 - Break

11:30 - Bat lures (New Zealand)

11:45 - Transboundary bat conservation in the Romanian - Serbian "Iron Gates" biodiversity hotspot

12:00 - How tent morphology differs with habitat for tent-making bats in Honduras

12:15 - Christmas Island flying fox

12:30 - Population dynamics of the critically endangered southern bent-winged bat (Australasia)

12:45 - Lunch break

14:00 - Bat research in Nepal - a focus on endemic Nepalese bat

14:15 - An introduction to the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project (UK)

14:30 - Saving the Florida bonneted bat, the rarest bat in the United States, and its globally imperiled ecosystem

14:45 - Protecting cave roosting bats in Jamaica

15:00 - Protecting the last known maternity roost for the Fijian free-tailed bat

15:15 - Prairie bats conservation (US)

15:30 - Networking break

16:00 - Bat Research in the Peruvian Amazon

16:15 - Dahari – Conserving Livingstone’s Fruit Bats in the Comoros

16:30 - Battling for bats: Using applied research, education and outreach to conserve bats in Malawi

Recordings are available for those who couldn't attend on the day.

Global Bat Conservation Showcase

Co-sponsor - NHBS

Global Bat Conservation Showcase

co-sponsor - Wildlife Acoustics


We are very grateful to our co-sponsor NHBS and Wildlife Acoustics for their support.

Global Bat Conservation Showcase

Wildlife Acoustics

Event Support

We are grateful to Wildlife Acoustics for co-sponsoring the event

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