National Bats in Churches survey materials

Over the next two years we need your help to carry out summer surveys, in order to learn more about how bats use churches.

These materials are for anyone taking part in the National Bats in Churches Study. If you haven't yet registered for the survey you can learn more about taking part here.

You can find a checklist which gives a brief overview of the Bats in Churches Study process here.

The safety and well-being of our volunteers is our top priority. Below we set out our safety guidance for taking part. We feel we can safely resume the Bats in Churches Study in England, but please adhere to the latest government coronavirus guidance to help control the spread of the virus.

1. Survey instructions

Now that you've registered to take part and selected a church, you're ready to prepare for your church survey. Before contacting your chosen church please read the survey instructions carefully.

You can also find two short videos about taking part in the surveys here. The first covers the main process and second is specifically about the National Bats in Churches Study, which includes using the bat detector and collecting dropping samples.

2. Communication with your chosen church

You are now ready to contact a representative from your chosen church. You can find contact details through their own website (if they have one) or via

  • Email Wording. An email template for when you're sending your first message to your chosen church. Please do adapt this to make it more personal.
  • Project letter. Please send this to the church representative ahead of your visit.

Most people will be surveying a Church of England site but if you're surveying a Churches Conservation Trust church the best way to make contact is by emailing the regional teams using the information below. You can find this information in your confirmation email after selecting a church. You can also find this information in your My Churches page.

0113 2441689

01223 324 442

0117 9291766

4. Survey forms

If you would like more information please see our FAQs or get in contact at

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