National Bats in Churches Survey equipment request

Over the summer we’re carrying our surveys to learn more about bats use of churches across England. This equipment request form is for anyone you has registered to survey a church for the National Bats in Churches Study, selected a church to survey and has arranged a date to visit between June-August.

If you haven't yet registered for the survey but you think you may be interested, you can learn more here.

For those signed up...

Thank you for signing up to take part in the National Bats in Churches Study. This quick form will allow you to book your survey equipment for the upcoming survey season (June-August 2021).

If you haven't yet selected a church, you can find out how to do so here.

We will be sending out your equipment via Royal Mail 1st Class. You will have equipment for your week of choice to carry out your church survey. The equipment needs to be returned to us as soon as possible after your survey to enable the smooth running of the project.

Equipment will be posted to arrive the week prior to your survey.

A returns postage label can be requested when you are ready to return your equipment. You will need to take it into a post office branch/UPS Access Point for it to be scanned before posting within a day of us sending it to you. You can find your nearest post office here and UPS Access Point here. Alternatively, you can send the equipment back to us with Royal Mail (Signed for 1st Class) and if you would like to claim the cost of postage an expenses form will be included with your equipment.

If you are not able to get to a post office, contact us ( and we may be able to arrange a courier for collection.

Please fill in one form per church to be surveyed e.g. if you are surveying two churches, you will need to complete this form twice. We are asking this so we are able to match the data collected to the correct church. You only need to book equipment if your selected church falls under the National Bats in Churches Study.

If you have any queries, please email

These options will require you take it into a post office branch/UPS Access Point for it to be scanned before posting. Alternatively, you can organise this postage through Royal Mail yourself, and if you would like to claim this back, please use the expenses form included with your equipment.