What works in conservation

What works in conservation

12th August 2015

The newly published 'What works in conservation' is a resource which aims to support conservation decision-making by providing an assessment, based on the available scientific evidence, of what works and what does not work in conservation with a worldwide view.

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Bat Crime update

31st July 2015

The latest update from BCT's Investigations Project

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We need your help

28th July 2015

Recently our attention has been drawn to a number of incidents reported through BCTs Helpline of building maintenance work potentially conflicting with the legislation protecting bats and their roosts. We would like your help with this.

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17th July 2015

The public consultation phase of the European Commission's “fitness check” review of the Birds and Habitats Directives comes to an end on Friday 24 July. It is vital that as many people as possible make their voices heard in order to protect this important legislation.

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Head out this weekend in search of your local bats!

16th July 2015

Virtually everyone who takes part in this survey – whether at dusk or dawn – manages to spot bats, and there's a good chance of seeing or hearing other wildlife as well, such a foxes, badgers and owls.

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National Bat Helpline – limited service 8th-9th of July 2015

8th July 2015

Due to the London tube strike the National Bat Helpline will be operating a limited service from 3pm to 5.30pm on Wednesday 8th of July and from 9am to 5.30pm on Thursday 9th of July.

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New Number for the National Bat Helpline

1st July 2015

Due to a legislative change the National Bat Helpline phone number is changing from 0845 1300 228 to 0345 1300 228. The main part of the number is exactly the same; just the prefix has changed. Callers should now dial 0345 1300 228 instead of 0845 1300 228.

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Bat Habitats Regulation Bill Revived

17th June 2015

On Thursday the 11th of June the Bat Habitats Regulation Bill, originally presented as a private members bill on the House of Commons by Mr Christopher Chope MP, was revived by Lord Cormack in the House of Lords. Many of you rallied to the previous call to action and we are asking for your help once more since we believe this bill to be detrimental to bat conservation.

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Romanian Bat Protection Association visits the National Bat Helpline

2nd June 2015

The Romanian Bat Protection Association has visited the Bat Conservation Trust offices in London to learn all about the National Bat Helpline in order to set up a helpline for bats in Romania.

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