2nd November 2015

Trudy Seagon with the Mid Anglian Bat Group display

Trudy was a member of Suffolk Bat Group for seven years and she quickly decided to train as a Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor, carrying out many roost visits in east Suffolk for Natural England over the past three years. She was also the first National Bat Monitoring Programme co-ordinator for Suffolk, has been Treasurer for Mid Anglian Bat Group as well as Secretary for Suffolk Amphibian and Reptile Group.

Trudy Seagon (on the far right) with fellow members of Suffolk Bat GroupIn addition to bat care and taking part in bat detector surveys, she also always found time for practical conservation activities such as helping out with crayfish translocation or a scrub bash at a bat hibernation site. She battled on bravely and carried on contributing and helping to organise events even after she knew she was ill. Trudy was also a full member of CIEEM with meticulous work methods and Suffolk conservation has lost an important champion.