13th October 2015

Launch of the “Response for Nature” report

Today sees the launch of the "Response for Nature" report. This report follows on from The State of Nature report which was published in 2013 and highlighted significant declines in wildlife. Bat Conservation Trust along and 25 other conservation organisations will be at events in England, Wales, Scotland and Norther Ireland calling for government to play their part in a plan for nature recovery. The message within the report is clear and unambiguous, nature improves all our lives and helps our wellbeing.

Each of the four national reports make recommendations that governments must urgently make plans to help restore nature in the UK. Steve Lucas, Bat Conservation Trust Wales Officer opened the Welsh launch by saying "Nature matters and we are privileged that we can enjoy some fantastic and unique wildlife here in Wales. People travel from across the globe to enjoy the stunning nature we have here, contributing millions to the Welsh economy. We need to work together to set an inspiring vision to ensure that we can continue to enjoy and benefit from all that nature gives us, now and in the future."

To ensure the recovery of nature the English report is calling the government to take ten actions:

- Set an inspiring vision for nature- Set goals for nature and natural capital- Defend and implement the laws that conserve nature- Deliver an ecological network on land and at sea- Safeguard species- Improve people's connection to nature - Provide smarter financial instruments- Develop greener institutions and embed nature across Government- Set five-year milestones with accountability to Parliament- Support people working together for nature

Nature really does matter to all of us and 90% of people in the UK recognise that our well-being and quality of life is based on nature and biodiversity. Nature not only makes our life richer ("Can you remember your first sighting of a bat?") but is also central to our society, culture and economy. Bats, along with all wildlife, provide us with vital services. Recent report (mainly from the USA) highlighted the economic value of bats in terms of their ability to reduce insect pest densities and hence use of insecticides. Its important that we hand the next generation a country which is even richer in wildlife. It is not sustainable to continue using our natural resources in a way that does not allow them to be restored and recovered.

We welcome the government's commitment to a 25 year plan to restore biodiversity. We need to work together to halt the declines in nature, not just for natures sake but for our own too.

Reports for Download:

Response for Nature (England)

Response for Nature (Wales) (In Welsh)

Response for Nature (Scotland)

Response for Nature (Northern Ireland)

Response for Nature (Evidence Report)

Press contacts, please email Dr Joe Nunez-Mino on jnunez-mino@bats.org.uk