29th September 2015

Latest Bat Crime Prosecutions

On Thursday 17th September 2015 City and Westminster Developments of Aston Mews, 103 Kilburn Lane, London W10 4AN appeared at Hendon magistrates Court where they pleaded guilty to an offence of destroying bat roosts at Great North Way, Barnet.

The developers in this case, in order to develop land wished to demolish a number of buildings. Bat surveys were undertaken with roosts being identified in three of the four buildings involved. Despite being made aware of the roosts on August 19th 2014 demolition of one of the buildings took place destroying a common pipistrelle roost. A fine of £4500 was imposed along with a £450 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

This case is of particular significance as it is the first prosecution of this nature within the Metropolitan Police area. Bat Conservation Trust are grateful to DC Sarah Bailey of the forces wildlife crime unit and to the Crown prosecution Service for their work on this case.

On Friday 18th September 2015 Mr Timothy Bull of Mosley Mews, Rolleston on Dove appeared at Burton upon Trent Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilt to an offence of destroying common pipistrelle and brown long eared bat roosts at Beech Lane, Stretton, Burton upon Trent.

In 2014 Mr Bull applied for planning permission to develop a property, a bat survey was undertaken and revealed the presence of roosts used by 3 common pipistrelle and one brown long eared bat. Initially Mr Bull engaged with his ecological consultant with a licence application being submitted to Natural England. However Mr Bull destroyed the roosts before any licence was issued. He was fined £1500 with a victim surcharge of £120 and costs of £85.

BCT would wish to thank the investigating officer DC Steven Thornhill of Staffordshire Police and the CPS specialist wildlife crime prosecutor Stephen Davies for their work on this case.