27th April 2015

Anne Cozens has died in Wiltshire at the age of 70. Until her illness she had been a member of Five Rivers Bat Group (South Wiltshire) for whom she was Treasurer and also a member of Wiltshire Bat Group and Hampshire Bat Group. She was a Voluntary Bat Warden, a volunteer for the Dormice Monitoring Project and a Friend of Bentley Wood. She was also a bell-ringer, a keen tennis player and enjoyed researching her family history.

Anne's greatest love though was for bats and she had worked tirelessly as a Roost Visitor for many years and was happy to pass on her knowledge and experience to others to help them gain their licences. She was also a dedicated bat carer and thought nothing of driving many miles to collect sick or injured bats, then caring for them for however long it took to get them fit and ready for release. She never refused a bat and often helped and encouraged fellow bat carers with their bats. She had a dedicated 'bat room' in her home and a purpose built flight cage/roosting area at the bottom of the garden which was the envy of those of us without such facilities.

Anne was charming and kind with a great sense of humour and this was very evident when she led bat walks, attended fetes with the bat group display board or gave talks to schools or community groups. She was very good at chatting to people of any age and particularly loved showing them her long-term resident bats and would answer all the many questions thrown at her with patience and a smile.

Anne faced her illness with characteristic practicality, pragmatism and wry sense of humour and our thoughts are with her family. She will be remembered and greatly missed by everyone who knew her.