28th April 2015

The Bat Conservation Trust is pleased to announce the launch of twitter campaign #askbatpeeps on 1st May 2015.

The aim of this campaign is to get the public asking questions about bats, whether it's about confusing bat behaviour or trying to find out if something is a myth or the truth. The people at BCT are well placed to answer most batty questions or at least know someone that can.

If you have a bat question that has been preying on your mind recently tweet at @askbatpeeps (Click here) or use the hashtag #askbatpeeps from the 1st May.

This is an exciting opportunity to get people talking about bats and if you just want to express your love for bats use the hashtag #lovebats.

For more information contact Joe Nunez-Mino: comms@bats.org.uk