25th March 2015

Bat Conservation Trust is joining The Wildlife Trusts, the RSBP and many other partner conservation organisations to campaign for nature to be at the heart of government policy.

The State of Nature report found that 60% of the known UK species are in decline along with habitats being increasingly fragmented and destroyed. In addition there has been a decline in health and wellbeing in the UK, with increases in obesity and physical inactivity. Over 90% of people recently surveyed agreed that wellbeing and quality of life is based on nature and biodiversity.

The Nature and Wellbeing Act in England is a proposed piece of legislation to create the right laws that will bring about the recovery of nature for the benefit of people and wildlife now and in the future. The proposals, drafted by The Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB, and a public campaign are asking politicians to act for nature.

The Act would put nature at the heart of how decisions about health, housing, education, economic growth and flood resilience, to name but are few, are made. One outcome would be ecological networks mapped out, to help put wildlife habitats back into the landscape.

It will build on existing legislation and policy to secure nature's recovery, ensuring we value what it does for us and that we work with nature to achieve significant improvements in the health and wellbeing of people, society and the economy.

BCT are working to conserve bat populations, and want to see a world where bats and people thrive in harmony. This Act would go a long way in helping better conservation work in England that will benefit all native wildlife.

What can you do to help?

  • Join the campaign and ask your MP to Act for Nature by calling for the Nature and Wellbeing Act in their Party's election manifesto.
  • Read the Green Paper
  • Keep in touch with the campaign online via twitter (#actfornature) and blog

For more information about our part in the campaign please contact Joe Nunez: comms@bats.org.uk