25th March 2015

Kate Palmer handing over the check to Julia Hanmer

Sparrows Green Studio has raised £690 for the Bat Conservation Trust from the sales of its British hand drawn silk bat scarf, specially designed and produced for the charity.

The scarf features a kaleidoscope of bats including the Lesser Horseshoe Bat, the Noctule Bat and crucially, the Greater Mouse- Eared Bat (there is only one left in the UK), against a purple background, graduating to a yellow section in the centre, depicting tiny black bat silhouettes.

Designer Kate Palmer, who runs Sparrow Green Studio, says, "The scarf was designed using my pencil drawings and has been digitally printed on silk habutai. I am delighted to have raised this money to help the Bat Conservation Trust with its important work."

Julia Hanmer, Chief Executive, Bat Conservation Trust, says, "We'd like to thank Kate for designing this scarf and raising this money for the charity."

The scarf measures 34cm by 200cm, costs £45, 15% of which will go to the charity. Available from www.sparrowsgreenstudio.com