31st December 2013

If you have a Class Licence for bat work you will need to download the new Class Licence document for 2014. Follow the same link in the original email you received from Natural England when you were first registered for your Class Licence in 2013. The licences should be available from January 1st 2014.

Natural England advises that when licences are reissued on 1st January changes may be made to the terms and conditions or to the accompanying advice. You are therefore advised to read the latest version of any licence you intend to use before you use it for the first time each calendar yearThe 2013 bat Class Licences referred to 1st February and not 1st January as they were first introduced in February 2013. You will have to repeat this process for each year you remain registered for a Class Licence.

Returns are not due at this time.

For more details see the Natural England website

Click here for links of who to contact at Natural England about licensing.