10th June 2013

We are very lucky to be able to announce that this year we are once again partnering up with Pocket Habitat (www.pockethabitat.co.uk) and BritishFlora (www.britishflora.co.uk) to bring our wildlife garden specifically designed to help attract insects for bats to eat.The Bat Conservation Trust will once again be appearing at the BBC's Gardeners' World Live show, educating enthusiasts about gardening for our unique night time friends. Come along to see our own urban oasis and learn what you can do to encourage bats and other night time wildlife into your back gardens.

BCT- Gardeners' World Live 2012

Bat Conservation Trust garden (stand - GFW7) is sponsored by; Pocket habitats - a unique and exciting alternative to conventional green roofs. Manufactured from recycled felt material, they are a modular system specifically designed to promote biodiversity in urban areas. Pocket Habitats can be used to brighten small areas on residential roofs, balconies, patios or even window ledges, in schools and public amenities, or on large-scale urban greening projects where hundreds or thousands of square metres of wildlife habitat can be created on roofs or barren ground.

BritishFlora - the premier wholesale producer of Native British Wildflower and Aquatic Plants producing commercial quantities of over 300 species. BritishFlora offer a complete range of British Native flora with full British provenance that is grown exclusively on their purpose built nursery set in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside.